Friday, November 21, 2008

The Golden Breastplate

I am brand spanking new to this whole blogging thing and so I have to make up for lost time A.K.A this last summer's trip to Palm Springs with my family and husband Hector. Basically, we played in the pool, drove golf carts, ate, and shopped for an entire week. We also spent a day at Disneyland :)

One evening we decided to hit up the street fair downtown. Amongst the handmade bracelets, fresh caramel corn, and scented candles we found a pure treasure. I wish I could remember the name of this outrageous street performer but his name has escaped me. However, his singsong matched with epic melodies has never left me. I can honestly say I have never seen/heard anything quite like this man. His outfit was complete with trench coat/cape, leather pants, and leather pants. Not only were his "vocals" spot on but he had also mastered the electric version of some medieval instrument.

After a while, a crowd had gathered around him and he really started to get into his music/theatrics. I was just in awe of this performance and I just had to take a picture with my camera phone. This wasn't a very good idea because he noticed I was snapping pictures and wanted to put on a good face for the camera. He then persisted to stare me down and sing directly to me. I was really worried he might be attempting to hypnotize me. I was entirely creeped out but I quickly shook off the feeling with a double chocolate chip frappuccino (no coffee included).

Don't worry. I will supply you with pictures. Here goes...

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