Wednesday, November 26, 2008


So maybe my husband is extremely adorable and says random, random things in his sleep.

For instance:

This evening Hector was taking a nap and I was doing the dishes. I realized that we should probably head out and get started on our Thanksgiving dinner shopping. I proceeded to the bedroom where the hubs could be found counting sheep and said, "Hector you've been a sleep for over a half hour, we should probably go to Macey's."

"No," he said firmly.

"But I gave you 40 minutes and you only said 30."

"No, don't open it."

Chuckling, I ask, "No, don't open what?"

"The little things. Don't open the drawer," he replied.

Then my laughter escalated to full blast and I had to leave the room.

But ladies and gentlemen this is not the only sleep-talking instance in our marriage. The other week around 9:00 AM I asked Hector was time it was. Without hesitation (and without opening his eyes) Hector tells me that it is 2:08. What the?

Another instance took place about a month ago. My visiting teachers were over to fulfill the monthly calling and Hector was in our room taking a nap. After the visit had ended I went in to wake him up and this was his reply:

"No, we have to wait until the bathroom people leave."

Who are these bathroom people and what were they doing in my house? :)

One morning he also persisted to call out for his cat (which resides in Orem at his mother's house and not with us).

Either my husband is making up these exclamations to catch some extra Z's or I interrupt some pretty crazy dreams. Oh boy, love him.

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