Monday, December 8, 2008

Fill in the Blank

I guess Jessica Leining tagged me to fill this out after doing so herself like a month ago but I didn't notice until now.

I am: Brittany Perez (not to be confused with Cliff...that was so 3.5 months ago).

I want: to put up more Christmas lights.

I have: to go to the store. Right now. Okay, maybe in a little bit.

I dislike: the smell coming from the stove. What is that?

I miss: the summer. Bring me back 80 degree weather!

I fear: the snow! Ahh.

I feel: a headache coming on.

I hear: the baseboard heater. Every 30 minutes it makes this loud clicking nose. It most often wakes me from sleep. Love it. Not.

I smell: something come from the stove still. It's getting worse.

I crave: absolutely nothing. I'm so full.

I cry: quite often--total boob.

I usually: take a nap right about now. What am I still doing awake?

I search: for more time to do all this crazy amounts of homework I have to do (Yeah, I say that while writing a blog...go figure).

I wonder: why Jessica hasn't figured out what bear goals are by now. Has Tom Cruise neglected to teach you??

I regret: Tom Cruise's birth.

I love: blankets.

I care: this much about school right now (finger span of about half an inch).

I always: floss before I brush.

I worry: that it's going to start snowing again.

I am not: black but I love to say "Heyyyyy Giiiirrrll!"

I remember: when I lived in Oregon and nobody there had fake trees.

I believe: in ghosts. I love watching ghost shows on TLC.

I dance: when I want to. OKAY?

I sing: (see above)

I don't always: make my bed in the morning.

I argue: when you're wrong.

I write: no more. Just finished my research paper.

I win: Scene-it? Always.

I lose: our game of Ticket to Ride last Sunday against Hector but it won't happen again.

I wish: Lost was back on TV now.

I listen: to Taylor Swift once a day. Love her.

I don't understand: people in class who love to hear themselves talk.

I can usually be found: in bed, taking a nap.

I need: ibuprofen.

I forget: to turn off all of the lights when I leave the house.

I am happy: that I'm not working at Costco this winter.

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  1. Um yes you are the most hilarious person in the world and i totally have been blog stalking you while you were away from the front desk. :) cheers to you.