Monday, December 29, 2008

It's not a hickey.

This weekend Hector and I went to a wedding reception for one of his friends. I decided to curl my lifeless hair before going out--a seemingly good idea. But of course Hector had his sassy hat (as Kristin would say) on that evening and I just had to retaliate, even though I was still curling. So, I picked the nearest un-blunt object, a towel, and decided to "lightly" toss it in his general direction. Unfortunately, as I turned my head/body the end of my curling iron (which was not wrapped in my hair) made contact with my neck and seared my skin. A white blister surrounded by red, irritated skin immediately emerged and so did the pain. Luckily, I have long hair and it covers most of my neck area, so the blister was not visible.

But I had to go to work on Monday and had no desire to do my hair. I resorted to wearing it up which left the wound exposed. At this point the wound no longer looked like a blister but a gigantic hickey. All day I kept getting this strange stare from people in the direction of the left side of my neck. I kept finding myself explaining my curling mishap to avoid impending judgments about my personal life. I don't think many believed my story.

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