Monday, September 28, 2009

I just got called as a Primary worker.

Dialog with between me and some kids at church:

Uknown Child: "You don't have a baby?"

Me: "No...that's my baby (pointing to Hector)."

Megan (Child #2): "Oh, so you are like a kid."

Me: "Yeah, sure."

Megan: "So, why do you have a purse?"

Me: "Why do you have a purse?"

Megan: "It's a bag..."


  1. I love little kids! They are so funny. Good luck with this calling you'll be great, parents look out! ;)

  2. i finally have nothing to do today so i am blog stalking you and kristen. i know you don't mind. i miss you and your freaking hilarious wit. by the way i like your posts. they are pithy. i need to work on that. love you.