Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sunday School Shenanigans

(Names have been changed to protect the innocent...or not so innocent.)

With the new year comes a new Sunday School class: CTR 4. I thought my previous class was a challenge but I was wrong. There is a certain member of the class, Curtis, that means well but has trouble with discipline. A lot of trouble. He likes to do a super man pose on his chair (head out the back, legs out the front), he likes the word "no", and he likes to shout during sharing time.

One Sunday the music leader in Primary was teaching the children a new song. One of the lines of the lyrics ended with the word "God." Curtis proceeded to yell, "Who is God???"

Perhaps my favorite story of all came from this past Sunday. Curtis had to go to the bathroom during the middle of primary so I escorted him to the men's room. Thank goodness the bathroom was clear of any other male patrons. Not long after Curtis entered the bathroom did he rush out to explain that his pants were "a slide and not a button" so he needed help to unhook them. I helped him unhook his pants and he was on his way.

It was silent for some time and then I heard the paper towel dispenser in use. Then Curtis shouted (at the top of his lungs), "SOMEBODY HELP ME! SOMEBODY HELP ME!"

I rushed in to see what mess he could have gotten himself into. When I arrived on the scene, I could see that he just needed help down from the counter (at least he had washed his hands). He then needed help to fasten his pants. So I slid the latch back in place and buttoned the button but not without some effort (the pants were a bit snug around the waste). Noticing my struggle Curtis said, "Yeah, I need to start exercising."

I held in the laughter as he gingerly skipped back to class.

I will keep you posted on Curtis and the rest of the CTR 4 class.

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