Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Urban Dictionary

The other day my coworker introduced me to name search on Urban Dictionary. Here are the Definitions of Brittany:

Definition #1:
A tranny.

You are such a Brittany (tranny).

Definition #2:

A fata** who will most likely eat her babies.

Girl: I'm so hungry, I could eat a baby.
Boy: Ugh, you're such a brittany.

Love it.

Here are the definitions for Hector:

Definition #1:
A sweet guy that could melt any girls' heart.

He's so nice he must be a Hector.

Definition #2:
A crazed individual.

That guy over there is a complete hector.

Love it even more.

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  1. Those are pretty good. I'm going to have to look up and put mine up.