Monday, July 19, 2010

Movie Theaters Revisted

This weekend we went to see Inception. What can I say? We watch a lot of movies, it being a bajillion degrees outside and us having no pool. We got to the theater what I thought was 45 minutes early but turned out to be 30 minutes early because I remembered the movie time incorrectly. So we walked around the mall for an hour waiting for the next showing. Anyway, Inception was spectacular. A must see. My mind is still reeling. My unexpected movie companion; however, was not spectacular. I would just like to mention that I am a mega-magnet for large, large men. They love to be seated next to me on a plane, on a roller coaster, or in a movie theater. They have a way of finding me.

Typically, you have a one or two seat buffer between you and the next patron but this showing was also sold out. This meant that everyone had to scoot together. Blah. And then everyone starts fighting about saved seats. I think that if someone gets there an hour early they have every right to save a few seats. Also, I love when people get there right before the movie starts and people have been in the theater for a half hour (and waited in line for another half hour before that) and people are seated up to the front of the screen and these newbies ask if these amazing seats in the middle of the theater are saved. "Oh no, these seats are open. No one else in the theater wanted these awesome seats." Of course they are saved. I outwardly laugh when i see this.

On this particular day, at Inception, my row mate had much trouble breathing. He was a very, very heavy breather--throughout the entire movie. I was very irritated. Not only was there heavy breathing but the movie theater was horribly hot. I was in a sweat the entire movie. Why is it that theaters seem to crank up the AC in the winter and turn it off in the summer. Makes no sense.

Nonetheless, the movie was great. I am sorry I am such a whiner-pants lately but I can't help but be irritated with my movie-going experiences.

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  1. Whiner-pants. I first read that as weiner pants. And I was confused.