Thursday, July 15, 2010

Team Jacob

Hey crazy. I am trying to watch Eclipse and your baby is crying while Edward is proposing to Bella. Maybe your baby is Team Jacob but I would like to watch this $9.00 movie in utter silence. Also, when your baby starts crying it is time for you to exit the theater...not walk down a few aisles and sit on the steps. If I wanted background noise, I would have waited until Eclipse came out on video so I could watch it at home. So next time hire a babysitter for two hours or wait until the movie becomes available at Redbox. Although you are probably one of those who must look at every synopsis of each movie before deciding upon Ice Age 2.

P.S. Lady who screamed in excitement after the Harry Potter trailer came onto the big screen. Really?

1 comment:

  1. I may have screamed a little on the inside when they HP7 trailer came on.

    Last year, when New Moon came out, there were two families with babies AT THE MIDNIGHT PREMIERE. The only thing stupider than taking your baby to a movie like that, is taking your baby to a movie like that in the middle of the night that is completely sold out. Next time won't end so pretty. Just sayin'