Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Latin Festival '10

We went to the Bienvenidos Festival in downtown Provo this weekend with our friends Johan and Brittany. We had amazing elote (mexican corn on the cob), the best shrimp tacos, and the spiciest salsa--bah! Muy Rico!

We met up with Hector's brother Erick, his wife Shawna, and their son Adrian.

Adrian loved the boat ride.

From the left: Me, Hector, Johan, Brittany, Shawna, Erick, and Adrian.

Mexican and Blancita.

When we first got there we heard this strange sound. We soon found out where it was coming from.

That sound came out of that little girl. No joke.

Hector made this little montage out of the video.


  1. Looks like you had so much fun!!! I miss seeing your face at work!

  2. oh my gosh i just watched that video 3 times in a row. what is that noise?! haha

  3. Best. Video. Ever. Tell Hector good job.

    And I'm jealous you got good helote. I have to try to make my own! It's never the same.