Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Just My Good Luck

So the other day I was on campus to drop Hector off at class. I was driving through the parking lot by the Smith Field house when another car cut the corner and I was forced to slam on my brakes. I broke on a patch of ice and slid until a hit a parked car with my back end of my car. My heart sank.

I got out to find that the fender bender had caused a few long surface scratches on the other. vehicle. There wasn't much damage to mine because my tire made most of the contact. At this point in time my shoulder angels appeared and my integrity was put to the test. I have countless dents and scratches on my car from BYU's parking lot and have never once received a note. Alas, I listened to the shoulder angel in white and left a note on the car.

I got a call later from the individual whose car I hit. She was extremely grateful and thanked me repeatedly for leaving a note. She told me she would get an estimate and then call me and let me know the damage done.

Three weeks passed without a call and I thought I was in the clear but to my dismay she texted me to let me know she would be taking it in that week. Boo.

A week later she texted me to tell me that she had taken it in and they had fixed it for free. What are the chances?

The moral of the story is...honesty really is the best policy (and someone up there loves me).

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  1. That is AWESOME!!! Sorry it happened but glad it turned out ok!